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Circle of Friends Social Adult Day Care Center provides older adults in the community with an opportunity to lead active lifestyles while receiving essential mental and social stimulation. Our Social Adult Day Care Centers plays an important role in the lives of those caring for elder adults. While our clients are at the center, we give their loved ones a chance to have a much needed break to rest and care for their own personal needs. At Circle of Friends our dedicated staff reinforces our participants’ individual strength while building upon their skills that will further support their maximum independence. .

Peace of Mind

Circle of Friends Social Adult Day Care Center is founded on a profound respect for individual autonomy of elders along with the recognition of the tremendous importance of positive social interaction for older adults. At Circle of Friends our primary focus is on enriching our participant’s lives by building upon their skills, knowledge, unique strengths and abilities. The Social Adult Day Care Program at Circle of Friends offers our participants a series of activities designed to promote health through social and well-being related services. .

Improved Quality of Life

"Circle of Friends" Social Adult Day Care Center offers quality care in a safe, supportive environment with reliable and friendly staff with special training in Elder Care. At Circle of Friends, we provide a warm and friendly setting that encourages our participants to maintain their vitality and foster meaningful friendships. Daily activities increase self-esteem, enhance cognitive abilities and help our clients maintain their independence. .


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